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HELP: mailx and binary attachments

Hello all ...

got me an automated cron script that sends mail to various users. Recent
requirements for this script are to attach a binary file to this mail.
(i.e. I am to send a pkzip/zip2exe file to a specified group of WinBlowz

THE ISSUE: I am using mailx, how does one attach a binery file to an
email message, so that when the luser gets the message he sees an
attachment that he can then save and execute.

I am using a statement something like...

cat $HOME/dist.lst | while
read MailId
     mailx -s "pkzip distribution" $MailId < filename.zip

UNFORTUNATLY, reading my mail I get to look at my file as if it were
text within the mail message - instead of it being an attachment. ALSO -
I really need to use the mailx application to do this, as this
application may get ported over to an HP box and I may not have acces to
something that may not be available over on that box.

In addition I have had some unusual experiences with mailx. On occasion
I have actually seen my simple text delivered as an _attachment_ to my
mail. So I know that this has been accomplished but I have not tried to
pinpoint what has caused this situation in which I wish to impliment

How do I do this - on purpose ?

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