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Re: ran autoup, need deselect clarification

Young, Ed wrote:
> Thanx for the fast reply.
> Are you saying that if I just do ACCESS, UPDATE, and INSTALL it may add
> packages that I don't already have and that this is dangerous? And that if I
> run SELECT I can check out what is proposed and eliminate unecessary
> packages from the install?
> Or in other words, I can SELECT to be sure that I only upgrade and
> "solidify" the upgrade with the minimum packages before adding any more
> packages, but once this is done I can add whatever?
> I'm not realy confident that I would be able to identify which packages are
> unecessary so unless it is realy dangerous, I'm inclined to just run ACCESS,
> UPDATE, and INSTALL if you think that's OK. Although I've been using Debian
> since 1.2 I still feel a little on the whole package methods.
> Thanx again,
> Ed

	No its not dangerous to let dselect do what it wants just potentially
tedious, if you have to babysit a few hours of unnecessary downloading. 
deselect will try to pick stuff that you might not need on your system. 
Some of this stuff (like emacs) is very large and would considerably add to
a ftp download.  This is what the previous responder was warning you about. 
As long as you don't try to de-select a package labeled as 'required' or
'important' you shouldn't create a problem for yourself, if you preview (and
prune) what dselect wants to get.


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