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Re: path environment under x

Eric <ej@pitnet.net> writes:
| Not changing it in the non-login shell script (.bashrc, .cshrc, ...) was your
| problem.  When you start X, the shells that run in the xterms aren't login
| shells...therefore your path must be set in your non-login shell script.  I have
| mine setup so that my path gets set in my non-login script and I have something
| like this in my login script:
| if [ -f ~/.bashrc ]; then
|   source ~/.bashrc
| fi

Ack! Some of you need to start using shorter lines in your email. 70
is usually the recommended maximum. Makes it easier to quote your
original message without line wraps.

Anyway, another way to solve this problem is just to have xterm use a
login shell by default. Just add the following line to your
~/.Xresources file

xterm*loginShell:  true

Log out and log back in, or run "xrdb ~/.Xresources", and all
subsequent xterms will use a login shell.


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