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Re: Installed kernel-source 2.0.34 package and half the filesystems are not supported.

On Wed, 1 Jul 1998, Christopher Barry wrote:

> I installed the 2.0.34 kernel source package and did a make menuconfig
> and when it comes time to select the filesystems to include support for,
> a ton of them appear to be missing, most notably msdos and vfat. When I
> installed hamm, I configured vfat support during the installation and it
> worked fine, but when compiling the new kernel, they don't give the
> option to support this. Do I need to use a different kernel source
> package, or what? This really has got me confused.
I'm using the the wong machine, so this is from memory....

In Filessystems, theres an entry for MSDOS systems.  This will then give
you a largew number of extra menuitems, includeing page-code- and
uni-code- support.

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