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Re: repost - fvwm95 install problem

Ivan wrote:
  >Hello again !
  >I have recently installed Debian GNU Linux ( Bo release ) which shares a
  >4.5Gb H/D with Windoze (all seperately partitioned).
  >I tried to install fvwm using dselect but I don't think it worked - but
  >then how do I tell - much X help needed !!!

If it had failed, dselect would have told you.  However, fvwm is not the same
package as fvwm95.
  >Anyway, I have now downloaded the "latest" release from the fvwm95 home
  >page which is supposedly mostly self installing, self-configuring.
Probably not a good idea, unless you have the expertise to compile
upstream source and force it into shape.  That's why we have Debian 

Install package fvwm95.  This should put fvwm95 first in the list in
/etc/X11/window-managers, so, by default, it should start when you
start X.  You can override this with your own .xsession or .xinitrc file.

  >The problem now is that the procedure is looking for /X11/Xlib.h and
  >/X11/Xutil.h.  I have Xlib6c.h - shall change the references to this
  >library instead on Xlib.h ?  Where is Xutil.h ???

Xutil.h is in /usr/include/X11; you need to load the package xlib6-dev (bo)
or xlib6g-dev (hamm).
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