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Re: repost - fvwm95 install problem

* Ivan <ivan@vianet.net.au>
| Hello again !

Where's that tentative smile? :-)

| I tried to install fvwm using dselect but I don't think it worked - but
| then how do I tell - much X help needed !!!

Try 'dpkg -s fvwm | grep ^Status'
Much X help given upon request. No fees, no strings attached.

| Anyway, I have now downloaded the "latest" release from the fvwm95 home
| page which is supposedly mostly self installing, self-configuring.

There is a fvwm95 debian package which should serve you well. Have you
tried it? Install it using dselect and check with
'dpkg -s fvwm95 | grep ^Status'.

Now see the file "/etc/X11/window-managers". The topmost winman there will
be the default started. You probably want to move fvwm95 to the top.

| If you need a copy of the makefile pls advise (it's not that big!)

If you still want to build it yourself (not really recommended - see
previous paragraph) seeing the makefile would help us help you.

| The fvwm95 makefile has brackets "(" , ")" around the command "cd ..."

This seems suspicious. 'cd ...' isn't a nice thing to say.

| The problem now is that the procedure is looking for /X11/Xlib.h and
| /X11/Xutil.h.  I have Xlib6c.h - shall change the references to this
| library instead on Xlib.h ?  Where is Xutil.h ???

You need to have the package xlib6-dev installed.
The correct files are /usr/X11R6/include/X11/Xlib.h
and                   ....................../Xutil.h

When you have xlib6-dev installed, run configure again. It should
be able to figure this out itself.


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