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Re: debian-user-digest Digest V98 #536

Gregory Guthrie wrote:
> I just did an upgrade bo --> hamm using autoup.sh.
> Amazing. But, there are a number of steps which left me cold; and flipping
> a coinn for the right action.
> 1) during the autoup it had seeral "conflicts", adn it was not clear to me
> if I needed to do anything about them. E.g. I think it tried to remove
> something that depended on Perl, but I had perl installed, or something...
>     "dependency problems .. libwww-perl depends on Perl, but perl is not
> installed.
>               ...                                      libnet
> Anyway, there was no clear indication if all was OK, if it was a comment,
> or if some remedial action was needed (later).,
> 2) After update, it says "now use dselect to upgrade the rest of your
> system", then reboot.
> ?? How do I know what to upgrade? I would like to say; "whatever needs an
> upgrade, if I have it installed, do it."
> Instead, I had to go through dselect, look at hundreds of packages, try to
> remember which I had selected, and decide if they need update. Am I missing
> something here?
> Greg Guthrie

	There shouldn't have been any errors like you describe during the autoup
process.  Make sure the failed packages get upgraded.  If necessary, look at
the auotup script and manually verify that the packages it tried to upgrade
have indeed been upgraded.  Do this before trying anything else.  Use dpkg
to manually upgrade anything that failed during autoup.
	After autoup, you should probably let dselect upgrade everything.  You
really want the newer v2.0 (hamm) packages because they are all compiled
against the newer libc6.  If you do this you won't need to keep libc5 on
your system (unless you got some commercial package that still depends on
it).  The hamm packages are newer as well; there is now very little if any
upgrading of v1.3.1 stuff, so if you want the latest versions you have to
upgrade to hamm + slink.


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