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Re: unstable networking

> : The system reboots ok. ifconfig and route are runand network set up. If
> you put : a line in the boot up file with the command 'ifconfig' and
> 'route' it shows that : eth0 is up and the routing is set up. : But when
> you log in, the route is lost. If you run the command 'route' it will :
> stuck there as if looking forever for something that is not there. : If I
> run 'ifconfig eth0 down' and then the file /etc/init.d/network everything
> is back : to normal.
> How do you know the route is "lost"?  Typing `route' will result in a slew
> of DNS lookups - that could be your delay.  Try `route -n'. (`netstat -rn'
> does the same thing and has the added benefit of being in a user's default
> path :)

Well I I don't know for sure. What I know is before I do anything, it takes forever 
to find the route. But if I rerun the network setup, route pops up immediate.
And not only that, external network can't reach it until I rerun the network setup.

> If `route -n' doesn't show anything, then yes, you've got a problem.

I think I do... any idea what I can do?

> BTW, your emailer tries to use unusally long lines.

Meaning?? Lines are not warped?

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