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Re: OpenLinux lite and Debian?

On Wed, 17 Jun 1998, Shanta McBain wrote:

> hi
> I just got a book "The Complete Reference Linux second edition" and it
> contains a cd. OpenLinux Lite is this disk compatible with the debian
> core that I have installed?

 Not exactly. Actually, Debian includes a lot more stuff than OpenLinux.
OpenLinux has some Novell software that Debian doesn't have (I think) but
that's about it.

 Generally, any Linux CD you get in a book is automatically out of date.
It's just a function of publishing deadlines. The information in the book
will probably be helpful, though.

> Do I have to install the OpenLinux to take advantage of the programs on
> the CD?

 Probably not. There's a program called "alien" that will let you install
packages from most other systems. I *think* OpenLinux uses the .rpm format
which is supported.

 If you can't, you can install the Debian versions and most of the
information in the book should still be useful.


 Ray Ingles       (248) 377-7735    ray.ingles@fanucrobotics.com

 "Every question has a simple, easy-to-understand wrong answer."
                        -H. L. Mencken

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