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Re: Startup files disappeared [Urgent!]

On Wed, Jun 17, 1998 at 06:41:31PM +0200, Martin Bialasinski wrote:
> >> "JB" == Jay Barbee <sysjyb@adm105.adm.louisville.edu> writes:
> JB> I don't ever remember touching this package before (file-rc), what is 
> JB> it's story?  
> JB> is it needed?  Should I hit reinstall in dselect?
> file-rc is an approach to handle the scripts in init.d in another fashion
> then trough the symlinks in rc.* directories. It has *one* file which
> describes which script has to be started/stoped in which runlevel.

I accidently installed this package once...be very carefull. last I
used it (accidently installed it) it wasvery broken. It was not 
unmounting filesystems and remounting them read-only before 
halt/reboot ing. I tried to figure out what was wrong (not knowing
that file-rc existed, much less as installed).

> I'd consider it alpha and because it interacts with booting, I don't use
> it (too risky IMHO). Don't touch a running system :-)

I agree...I dunno what bugs in it have been fixed and what havn't...
quite frankly I LIKE the sym links method. I supose maybe I am a bit
biased (during my "debugging" of the not unmounting filesystems bug,
it hosed my entire drive -had to reinstall debian) but like I said
I LIKE sym links

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