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Re: Domain name server

Erik Eriksson wrote:
> resolv.conf file, i.e you must write the IP address of the domain name server,
> but what if you don't have any?  We reach Internet through a proxy, shall I use
> its IP address instead?. Thanks for help.

	If you access Internet, you must have a DNS server.  To check that you
indeed have one, just ping any address from an already configured --
like "ping www.debian.org".  If you receive an answer, you do have a DNS

	Perhaps if your other machines access Internet without being explicitly
configured, they are receiving the configuration from a DHCP server, in
which case you could ask the network administrator for the DNS server
value your DHCP server is giving your machines.

	Give more details.  Your connection is a LAN or a dial-up link?  How
the other machines are configured?

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