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Re: lyx Bus Error...hardware? -Reply

On Mon, Jun 08, 1998 at 11:40:37AM -0500, Gregory Dickinson wrote:
> Yes, it sounds very much like the drive is toasted.  Which one, however, I'll leave
> to you to figure out :-)  (look in the /etc/fstab to check the mount points, etc. to
> see exactly which drive is being referneced.)

Ahh goodie.... 
well there is really only one drive it could be... 
/dev/hda ...
/dev/hdb has only 2 partitions...one is mounted as /mnt/cdi and is about 700 MB
and is used for storing CD images...the other is /dev/hdb2
and is mounted as /usr/local ( I moved /usr/src into there and sym linked it 
to save more space also)

I think this is the one...sigh...maybe if I bring it to the warehouse I can 
get it upgraded to a pentium...
guess I will smbmount my NT home drive (if the sys admins had
any7 idea that I knew how to do that they would shit...)
and backup some of my more importnat data


> --Greg
> >>> Stephen Carpenter <sjc@delphi.com> 06/08/98 09:56am >>>
> I am having a frustrating problem installing and using lyx here at work and I 
> am wondering if it may be hardware, or software or what not. The story goes 
> like this:
> On Friday I decided to install lyx on my system (see the histories below)
> This is the latest lyx as apt-get got from frozen for me. It installed fine 
> and then I tired to run it, it went into its "you don't have a configuration
> ill make one for you" and whirred away for a bit. Then before it even
> came up with a window it said "Bus Error". Now I get a buss error every time I 
> try to run it.
> I get he following when I try to run it (as seen in xconsole):
> Jun  8 09:23:53 localhost kernel: hda: read_intr: status=0x59 { DriveReady 
> SeekComplete DataRequest Error } 
> Jun  8 09:23:53 localhost kernel: hda: read_intr: error=0x40 { 
> UncorrectableError }, LBAsect=1412038, sector=1411975 
> Jun  8 09:23:53 localhost kernel: end_request: I/O error, dev 03:01, sector 
> 1411975 
> Jun
> This makes me think maybe a hardware error?
> Here is the history of this system that might be helpful...
> hardware:
> it is a 486/66. It has 2 IDE hard drives (and only 1 IDE controller onboard)
> Both drives are 810 MB.
> On friday before last (end of may) We moved from one building to another here 
> at work. Being that we are the technicnas we had to move our own PCs, 
> during the trip the cart hit a bump and both of my PCs (this and the Win95
> machine) fell over and took a good 3 foot fall to the ground, hitting the 
> concreat.
> Software:
> This system was originally bo...was upgraded to hamm before the freeze. It was
> originally setup strictly for CD mastering of debian CDs for home (made CD 
> images to be burned elseware)
> When attempting to make room for a new CD image I deleted tome directories I 
> shouldn't have...including everything under /usr/X11R6 (since atthat time I was
> not using X)
> I decided later to use X..and had a hell of a time installing it, dpkg 
> was not happy. (for a few files I even had to edit the dpkg database to tell 
> it they were not installed) Yes I know this was stupid to do...it was
> before I was fully converted to dpkg. 
> I wish to salvage this machine if I can, I would rathe rnot re-install debian,
> but if I have to I have to. Any ideas? what could cause the buss error in lyx?
> -Steve
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