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[ivan@vianet.net.au: dselect/ftp problem]

----- Forwarded message from Ivan <ivan@vianet.net.au> -----

I am trying to install Debian on my Pentium 166.  System specs are :
	- 32Mb memory
	- 2.5Gb hdd (partitioned for Linux / Linux Swap / Win95)
	- Sound Blaster 16
	- Diamond Data CD-ROM
	- AusLinx Tasmanian Devil 336E modem

During the installation I installed the following modules :
	- rarp
	- slhc
	- slip
	- ppp
	- hpfs, smbfs, umsdos, vfat
	- serial ports
	- parallel printer

I now have the basic Linux OS but cannot use ftp to access the Debian site
to carry on.  A huge pile of floppies is not very attractive as an
alternative ... but if that is the only way then I will have Debian that
way !!!

BTW, I also notice that the "man" command does not work on my system.  Do I
need to manually unzip some packages/programmes?

My main problem is the use of ftp.  Have I missed something obvious/obscure
in the setup procedure or is there some manual configuration required ?

After selecting update by ftp through dselect, the dialog is :

   Using FTP to check directories ... (stop with ^C)

   Connectingto ftp.debian.org...
   Net::FTP:Bad hostname 'ftp.debian.org' at /usr/lib/perl5/Net/FTP.pm line

   query/setupscript returned error exit status 1
   Press RETURN to continue

I have desperately searched FAQ's (Linux & Unix) and "poked" around the
installed files and documentation.  The guide to installation has not
helped either.

As the modem is specifically marked "Linux compatible" I have written to
the manufacturers in case some special installation software is required
(as with Windows) but AusLinx haven't yet deigned to reply.

As you can tell, in line with all of the instructions I have read, I have
tried every possible line of self-help I can think of !!!

I eagerly await whatever advice can be given.


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