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Re: Quake Segfaults

mickyb@es.co.nz (Michael Beattie) writes:

[snip: quake crashing after hamm upgrade]

> I was told a fix for this was an ldconfig . It worked for me, and
> everything is fine now... except.. (who knew that was coming?)

This probably makes it a bug in svgalib.

> I dont know where the problem is, but it is as if some sounds are played
> on /dev/audio and some on /dev/dsp , and most of them die.. the best way
> to explain it is when you try to cat a wav file to /dev/audio. Generally
> it is all static. that is what it is like in the game.

I'd noticed something like this and assumed it was a problem with my
cheap sound card.  How I fix it (which is probably completely
unrelated to the actual problem) is to quit, bplay a .wav file, then
restart the game until it works.

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