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Best kernel for now?

I need to recompile my kernel to add bridging support. (For IPX)

I'm currently running 2.0.33, it seems to run fine, although I'm wary of
reports of it being rather unstable.
I had 2.0.32, but gpm died after two weeks, restarting gpm didn't work,
but rebooting did. I have no idea if this was a kernel problem, but I
think it happened twice. 2.0.33 has had no such problem.

Anyway, I'm considering changing kernels.

I am running a 386SX/20 machine w/ 8meg of RAM, 100meg IDE HDD.
I use it mostly for Samba, IPMASQ with dial-up line, Mail and news server.
I don't have a CDROM or SCSI hardware on this machine, so I'm not worried
about support for these.

How are the 2.0.34prethingees like? Very stable? What advantages over

What are the unstable kernels (2.1.x) like? What advantages over the
stable ones?




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