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Boot to Linux from NT; problem

I setup my machine with NT and Linux, and followed the instructions in "NT
Loader + Linux mini-HOWTO".

As per their instructions* I used bootpart to make the NT loader adjustments.

When I boot, indeed I get the option for Linux from the NT loader
(boot.ini), which points to the boot file made by bootpart; but NT reports:

  <winnt root>\System32\ntoskrnl.exe missing or corrupt
   please reinstall a copy of this file.

Well, the file is there in /winnt/system32/....

Both NT and linux still boot and run fine, only that I can't get the NT to
boot linux (I now boot it from a floppy).

This is a new installation (yesterday), so I doubt it is corrupt. I am
reluctant to do a reinstall of all of NT, and don't know how to refresh
this single file.

Help, or pointers?

Gregory Guthrie

*at least as best I could..
 Some of their instructions were not clear to me; 
     "For Linux, you must install Lilo at the beginning of the Linux
partition (as with OS/2 boot manager) and then add the Linux partition with

     When you install Linux or run liloconfig, select "Superblock of the
root linux partition" as location of Lilo. In my sample, this adds the line
"boot=/dev/sdb4" on the file /etc/lilo.conf"

-- I ran Lilo; with root and boot set to the partition of my linux. Is this
all that is required here?
Dr. Gregory Guthrie
guthrie@mum.edu         (515)472-1125    Fax: -1103
       Computer Science Department
       College of Science and Technology
       Maharishi University of Management
      (Maharishi International University 1971-1995)

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