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Re: about K6 bug


On Tue, 02 Jun 1998, Nils Rennebarth wrote:
>>On Tue, Jun 02, 1998 at 12:22:15PM +0400, Eugene Sevinian wrote:
>> Recently, there were a lot of post in linux-kernel@vger.rutgers.edu 
>> concerning new K6 bug. Tests was done by 'crashme'. Here is excerption
>> from Andreas Haumer <andreas@xss.co.at> report.
>> #   OS            CPU       result
>> ====================================
>> 11  Linux-2.0     K6        crash
>>  0  Linux-2.0     K6        no crash
>>  0  Linux-2.1     K6        crash
>>  3  Linux-2.1     K6        no crash
>>  0  Linux-2.0     Pentium   crash
>>  6  Linux-2.0     Pentium   no crash
>>  1  Linux-2.0     K6        unclear
>> =====================================
>> Sincerly speaking I have now idea how cricual is this, but as far as
>> I consider K6 as a choice for upgrating my PC, I would like to know how
>> reliable is this assuming that I have no intention to run this testing
>> program very often.  
>I followed this thread from when it started and my conclusions up to now
>1) It appears to show up only under circumstances not easily found in real
>   life. Someone now posted a short test program that will crash a K6. This
>   is not worse than the Intel F0 0F bug.
>2) 2.1 kernels are immune to this crash, and as these are in almost as deep
>   freeze as debian 2.0 is now :-), 2.2 is not too far away and the problem
>   goes away.
>I do not yet see a reason to buy an Intel instead.
besides I have been running an overclocked K6 (233 -> 266) for 4 Months now.
Whereas win95 crashes regularly (it does so anyway), Linux didn't crash once.
During this time I compiled several kernels, created highly compressed MP3s
played  Quake2 for hours, burned a gazillion of CDs. I don't know what this
testing program is about, but the highly customized 2.0.33 kernel I use never
complained about the K6.

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