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Re: NT and Linux

On Fri, 29 May 1998, Michele Comitini wrote:

> One great advantage is that you can combine any kind of partitions form
> different devices (even a combination of partitions from a mix of IDE 
> or SCISI hard-disks!) and have different personalities (i.e. RAID-5 for
> filesystem partitions, RAID-0 for swap partitions) on partitions of the
> same hard-disk.

Note that you don't need RAID0 to do striping on swap partitions. You can
assign each swap partition a priority. If all have the same priority, the
kernel (versions 1.3.6 and higher) will automatically use something like
striping on them. For more info, see 'man 8 swapon' and 'man 2 swapon' for
more info.


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