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Re: How to create device for tape backup

>    Thanks for the tip Bernt.  I assume that MAKEDEV pulls the device info from
> /proc/devices?  Another tape-related device I've seen reference to (and thus
> assume I need) is /dev/nht0.  Any idea what that device might be for and why two
> are needed (in addition to whether it is made the same way:-)

MAKEDEV gets device info out of /etc/devinfo (according to the manual page ;)

/dev/nht0 is made the same way (or any device for that matter).  /dev/ht0 is 
the auto-rewinding version of the device and /dev/nht0 leaves the tape device 
positioned at the end of whatever operation was just completed.

My SCSI tape device is non-rewinding so I always use /dev/nst0.  You will 
probably want to use /dev/nht0.


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