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Re: User views on software reqd, please

On 31 May 98 01:12:38 GMT, dnaden@inforamp.net wrote:

>I have a feeling that this is not going to get me far but I'm going to ask
>1) Does anyone here uses mechanical drafting apps (like AutoCAD or
>Cadkey-lookalikes) under linux? I have a demo of Varicad running, and there is
>a LinuxCAD, but they don't have any demos..Or how about microstation95?
>2) Does anyone know if dosemulator or wine run autoCAD or Cadkey?

I have no idea about (1), but for (2) I believe that DOSemu runs
almost all DOS programs, so autoCAD should be okay.  I stand ready to
be corrected though.

Rob Wilderspin
"But I need it to crash once every few days - 
reboots are the only chance I get to sleep..."
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