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Re: X Windows, how to set up?

On Wed, May 27, 1998 at 01:28:15PM +0200, Tomas Petersson wrote:
> Hello, I have installed the base system and standard packages.
> Can anyone me tell if this is enough for running X Windows?
> If not, what do I need more, and where can I find documentation.
> /Tomas Petersson


	Yes, you have all that is necessary to INSTALL X Windows. I basically
had the same set up and ran dselect and selected Xbase, which selected,
xfntbase, xfnt75, and xserver-vga16. I made one change to the list and that
was to add xserver-svga. Dselect downloaded, installed, and helped configure
everything and it ran out of the box with one exception. I have a Trident
Video Card and I had to set the option to "noaccel" and Xwindows worked great. 

	I also installed afterstep last night as the Window-manager and I
HIGHLY recommend it as the WM. I was totally impressed with that package.
Really nice interface. 

	But as I said before, you should have no problem setting up your
xwindows. Just make sure you have your Video Card and Monitor Manuals handy,
as during the Configuration Phase it will ask a lot of questions about those 2

	Hope this helps and Good Luck....

Mike Acklin <htuttle@samson.ml.org>
aka Harry Tuttle
Debian Newbie

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