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Xwindows not working

I have recently been screwing up my system and I am about ready to trash
the whole thing and start over from scratch. I purchased a new video card
Mystique 220 and I am trying to get it work with Xfree86 and AfterStep. I
downloaded the files for Xfree86 3.3.1 and installed them and then setup
afterstep 1.4. The problem is that if I do a startx if returns an error
that it can't find afterstep.So if I go in to the .xinitrc file and
comment the afterstep line out xwindows starts and then shuts down
without any error messages. What I am saying is that it starts and then
automatically shutdown right away. I really screwed things up when I was
extracting the xfree86 files. I extracted them in the wrong directory at
least once. So my hard drive is almost full. Is there a way I can delete
Files by date. I would really like to totally back out of everything that
I have done today and start over with a fresh kernel and the bare
necessities. I am reluctant to just wipe my drive because I installed
Linux via ftp and that takes awhile. Any suggestions would be great.


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