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Re: X11 HELP!

On Thu, 21 May 1998, Doug Thistlethwaite wrote:

> Hello & help!
> I hope someone can help me with this problem that is getting worse and
> worse...
> I tired to install fvwm95 and all I got was a plain login screen that
> would log into a plain window with a single xterm.  I tried to remvoe
> the window manager and install another using dserver... Now I CAN NOT
> LOGIN to the computer at all from the console.  When I log in I get a
> colorful flash and another plain login screen.  The only way I can
> connect to the computer is via a telnet.

I think that you are using xdm (from what I do understand), and in that
case, using <CTRL>-<ALT>-Fx will get your console back... (where Fx is one
of the function keys F1-F6, I think that is the default inittab entry?)

> How do I disable the X11 so I can get my console back?  Also any tips on
> getting a WM working would be greatly appriciated!  I should have a
> pretty much generic installation, so I'm somewhat confused to why I am
> having all of this trouble.

Check the /etc/X11/window-managers file... It must have the paths to the
window managers. Mine has:

# This file contains a list of available window managers. The default
# Xsession file will start the first window manager that it can
# in this list.
#-- afterstep begin
#-- afterstep end

Check that the Xsession file in the same directory has some stuff like
this at the end:

if [ -x $startup ] && grep -q ^allow-user-xsession /etc/X11/config
  exec $startup
  if [ -e /etc/X11/window-managers ]
    for i in `sed 's/#.*//' /etc/X11/window-managers`
      if [ -x $i ]
	exec $i
  if [ -x /usr/X11R6/bin/fvwm ]
    exec fvwm
  exec twm


Hope that helps...  If not, try purging xbase and reinstalling it.

                       Michael Beattie (mickyb@es.co.nz)

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