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RE: X windows, Dselect, and then some...

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> Sent: Wednesday, May 20, 1998 5:23 PM
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> Subject: X windows, Dselect, and then some...
> (1) What is the graphical configuration utility for Xfree86 
> called ( and
> where is it)?

It's "XF86Setup".  I don't recall where it lives offhand (and my
computer is in an odd state at the moment, needing re-installs of the MS
OSs on my tri-boot 95/NT/Linux machine; anyway, I can't get to my Linux
partitions right now [under NT]).  XF86Setup is in root's path on my
system, and I don't think I've modified said path.

> (3) Is there a program that will compare packages installed 
> on my system to
> current packages on the FTP site and suggest / download all upgrades?

As has been mentioned, dselect can do this.  Yell if you have problems.

> (4) In dselect I accidentally told it to re-download a file which was
> already on my system.  However the file is 17 megs, and I 
> don't want to
> download it.  Everytime I try to download un-related packages 
> it insists on
> asking me if I want to resume it, then does it any way.

You could fire up dselect & make the offending package "on hold", which
is the character "=".  When/if a new version comes out, mark it back as
"install" ("*").


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