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Re: Problems with irqtune...

>>>>> "IMI" == Ignacio Más Ivars <nacho_mas@iname.com> writes:

IMI> I have a problem with irqtune. I use Debain 1.3.1 almost upgraded to r7
IMI> and when I try to execute irqtune it complains about insmod not being
IMI> able to load module '/usr/lib/hwtools/irq_tune.o'. I have tried to make

IIRC the irqtune package in bo is broken for some configurations.

- get a new version from the irqtune homepage (sorry, don't have a URL)


- compile your kernel without "module versions" (or such; it is the 3rd or 
4th option to choose from in xconfig) 

The first option will work for sure, but maybe you want to try the second
one first.


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