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Re: modprobe log entries

Daniel Martin at cush <dtm12@jhunix.hcf.jhu.edu> writes:

> Does anyone know how to have the modprobe in hamm display more
> descriptive log messages when it can't load a module?  I've been
> getting messages in my log like:
> May 14 13:27:41 cush modprobe: can't locate module
> and I've been trying to track them down, (they appear whenever
> netscape is started) but it would really help if I knew what module it
> is that modprobe can't locate

Well, I don't know what I thought I was doing before, because modprobe 
appears to still give full module information when it can't find a
module; it's just that in this case the module being asked for is the
empty string (""); kerneld is calling modprobe with something
equivalent to:
/sbin/modprobe -k -s ''

So maybe this is a bug against kerneld, as I can't imagine a normal
situation that would cause it to ask for an empty module.

And I have no idea what module binfmt-0 might be; it doesn't appear as 
one of the aliases on my machine's modprobe -c.

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