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Re: X crashes when switched from console w/ mouse event

On Sun, 10 May 1998, Adam Keys wrote:

> Kiyan Azarbar wrote:
> > 
> > Hi. I was wondering if anyone else had had this problem. It seems
> > really major. If I'm in console mode, then switch back to X with
> > alt-f7, and then move the mouse in anticipation of X showing up, it
> > very often crashes X. The whole thing just comes down and xdm
> > restarts.
> > 
> > I don't know how else to explain it, but I've only had these problems
> > since I upgraded to hamm. I'm running the SVGA server since I have a
> > Mystique. It's very disconcerting... sometimes I just lose everything.
> This has happeneded to me for ever with both bo and hamm.  I think it is
> either a 'feature' of X or is just something that happens.  Your best
> bet is to use more xterms/rxvt's and switch to the console less.  Other
> than that, maybe submit a bug to the xfree86 and X Consortium people and
> cross your fingers.

Have you tried running the mouse with gpm, using -R, and then setting
XF86Config to get its mouse data from /dev/gpmdata in MouseSystems


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