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Re: Linux and ADSL

> Cable modem here is $65/mo I think, including 100mb traffic, then
> it's *** 35c/mb! ***

somewhat expensive this option,Videotron (in Montreal,QC,Canada) charge
49.95$ for CableModem access including the Modem,eth card and 2 GIG of
bandwith per month,i wish i could live in Montreal !!

> ISDN is about $70/month rental, with timed local calls; costs a small
> fortune for a semi-permanent connection. (That's for 2xB + 1xD, ie
> basic rate.)

dont know about this and i dont want to know,price are very expensive here
for ISDN (i used to know the price about 3 year and 1 day's ago and i
forgot it 3 years ago).


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