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Re: How to build Debian Linux cluster?

Pierre Blanchet (Pierre.Blanchet@emi.u-bordeaux.fr):
> "RC" == Rainer Clasen <clasen@gmx.net> writes:

>   RC> Just out of curiosity: What speaks against using rdist? IIRC somebody
>   RC> suggested this in a previose discussion on this topic.

>       The idea behind dpkg-record/dpkg-replay is flexibility and
> simplicity. You can install whatever package wherever you
> want automatically (if you have installed this package already).

Ahhh! Appearantly my assumption is false, that you want to keep all boxes as
equal as possible ... Naturally thats no (easy) job for rdist.

I like your idea to keep a sitewide default for package configuration. This
just goes one step ahead detached installation (which curently is impossible
with dselect) - wow! I Hope there will be a time Apt can do this by default.


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