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Re: How to build Debian Linux cluster?

"RC" == Rainer Clasen <clasen@gmx.net> writes:

  RC> Pierre Blanchet (Pierre.Blanchet@emi.u-bordeaux.fr):
  >> Here, i have 85 PC to install. And the method i will try will be
  >> slighty different (note: it will only work in a network, with a
  >> local mirror):

  >> 3) Write a shell script, dpkg-record, something like :

  RC> Just out of curiosity: What speaks against using rdist? IIRC somebody
  RC> suggested this in a previose discussion on this topic.

  RC> Rainer

  Because rdist is just like cp. It will only distribute directories
(actually files also, but it will be very difficult to rdist 10-20k
files of a traditionnal Debian system).

      The idea behind dpkg-record/dpkg-replay is flexibility and
simplicity. You can install whatever package wherever you
want automatically (if you have installed this package already).

	Pierre Blanchet.

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