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Re: ppp setup issues..

Gregory Guthrie writes:
> My system calls /etc/init.d/ppp, which seems to do the same general thing
> as /usr/bin/pon.


> The sequence would be (??) calls ppp-on, it calls pppd,...

init calls /etc/init.d/ppp which calls pppd with appropriate options.

> ...which [automatically] consults ppp.options_out and then (if a ttyXX
> argument is present) options.ttyXX is consulted.

No.  pppd reads /etc/ppp/options, reads ~/.ppprc, scans the command line
for a port name, reads /etc/ppp/options.ttyXX, and then interprets the
command line options.  In case of conflict the later option overrides the
earlier.  Thus /etc/ppp/options contains defaults that always apply unless
overridden, ~/.ppprc contains options pertaining to the user running pppd,
options.ttyXX contains options pertaining to the selected port, and the
command line contains options pertaining to this particular connection.

> My startup is the same, but ppp is called from init.d somehow. I presume
> that pon is a similar convenient interface for manual ppp startup.

> On my system (Debian), in init.d the ppp file calls pppd, with an
> explicit `cat /etc/ppp.options_out` [note backticks] for arguments.

/etc/ppp.options_out is where you should put your local customizations.
IMHO '-f /etc/ppp.options_out' should have been used so that the file could
be commented.

> What is the difference in using "-detach &"...  

'-detach' says don't go into the background.  '&' says go into the
background.  The combination does nothing.  Leave it out.

Debian 2.0 will use pppd-2.3.3 and handle the options in a completely
different and much better way.
John Hasler
john@dhh.gt.org (John Hasler)
Dancing Horse Hill
Elmwood, WI

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