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Re: E(nlightenment)

E right now looks in /usr/local/enlightenment/themes for themes.  There
is no easy way to allow user mods w/o keeping copies in ~/.  This can
lead to a good deal of hd usage.  E is very hard to make use the menus
program.  Other little things.  .14 will use a global and user config. 
Menus will be rather easy to implement.  I have not seen it yet though. 
It may need some work.

Greg Vence wrote:
> Shaleh wrote:
> >
> > The debs on E.org are WAY WAY WAY out of date.  and do odd things.  E
> > .14 is out the 28th of this month.  I will have a package up as soon
> > after that as possible.  If you can not wait I suppose I could make a
> > temporary package that is NOT an official policy following package.
> > However E is not that hard to compile -- it compiles almost out of the
> > box for me (I remove a few of its -l flags).
> >
> Does this mean that E will be (more) Debian compliant?
> Also, are .13 Themes compatable with .14?
> Thanx -- Greg.
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