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Re: E(nlightenment)

>E works fine on hamm and w/ a little help bo.  It requires numerous
>graphic libs.  Some of which bo has older versions of.  I am the E
>maintainer for Debian.  A package will appear when .14 comes out (I have
>posted imlib packages already).  .13 breaks most of Debian's policy.
>There is a E mailing list and a channel on efnet devoted to it -- #E.
>Any specific questions to E send there or to the mailing list for E.
>Lots of great people.  Debian specific stuff I would be glad to help.

being very new to all of this, what of the deb packages do i need to
download form the Enligh. ftp site, and err, what do i do with them when i
have them?


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