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Re: Problem with ppp-2.3.3-5 and authentication

If you've already received a response, forgive me--I only receive the
digest version of the mailing list.

> On 6/5/98 1:18 AM Bill Leach wrote:  
> My question would be, if Mr. Whitwell's machine is using PAP, are the
> entries in the ppp/pap-secrets file correct?  AFAIK for the PAP
> authentication to work (I don't use PAP but have used CHAP), the
> Username, password, and IP address (or address range) have to match. 
> [Mr. Whitwell speaks]
> I think they're OK.  In "/etc/ppp/pap-secrets" I have:
> *    <hostname>     ""

The required structure of the pap-secrets file changed slightly in version
2.3.x.  You must now add an extra "*" to the end of the line above, to
allow any ip addresses.  Buried within the pppd man page:

       ...    Any following words on
       the same line are taken to be  a  list  of  acceptable  IP
       addresses  for  that client.  If there are only 3 words on
       the line, or if  the  first  word  is  "-",  then  all  IP
       addresses  are disallowed.  To allow any address, use "*".

I was burned by the same problem when setting up a ppp server for our lab.

Kevin Squire
Research Student
Nakajima Research Laboratory
Tokyo Institute of Technology

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