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Re: telnet login remotely or local host


> I have just installed debian linux and want to telnet into the machine.
> Neither telnet localhost nor telnet IPaddress do work, I am getting
> "connection refused".
> The inetd is running (checked with ps -aux),
> in host.allow I typed in ALL: ALL and removed
> the PARANOIC from hosts.deny - without success.

Have you checked that the telnet entry in /etc/inetd.conf is enabled (i.e.
exists and is not commented out)?

Here is what my telnet entry in /etc/inetd.conf looks like:

	telnet         stream  tcp     nowait  root    /usr/sbin/tcpd 

(the above is supposed to be on one line)

There should also be a telnet entry in /etc/services as follows:

	telnet          23/tcp


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