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Re: Problem with ppp-2.3.3-5 and authentication

On 6/5/98 1:18 AM Bill Leach wrote:
>My question would be, if Mr. Whitwell's machine is using PAP, are the
>entries in the ppp/pap-secrets file correct?  AFAIK for the PAP
>authentication to work (I don't use PAP but have used CHAP), the
>Username, password, and IP address (or address range) have to match.

[Mr. Whitwell speaks]

I think they're OK.  In "/etc/ppp/pap-secrets" I have:

*    <hostname>     ""

which the installation script put in, and which I haven't changed 
(<hostname> is, of course, the name of the machine being dialed-up).

I basically haven't changed anything from the default mgetty and ppp 

In "/etc/ppp/options", I uncommented an "ms-dns" line and added our DNS.

I copied "/etc/options.ttyXX" to "/etc/ppp/options.ttyS1" and changed it 
to read "<hostname>:<serial-port-ip>".  Both of these are in our DNS.

In "/etc/mgetty/login.config" I have:

/AutoPPP/ - a_ppp /usr/sbin/pppd auth -chap +pap login

which is unchanged from the installation (I don't seem to be having any 
problems with mgetty in any case).

The client machines (that dial the Linux box) are a mix of Mac (running 
OT/PPP 1.0.1) and Windows 95 machines.  Both have worked before with the 
previous ppp (I think it was 2.2.0-f-<mumblemumble>).

Can anyone see anything that I've missed.  I'd be thankful for any 
further comments anyone can make.


James Whitwell
Programmer - Pacific Advanced Media / ActiveAudio Pty Ltd
29 Albany Street, Crows Nest 2065, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Ph: 61-2-4398700; Fax: 61-2-4395486. Web: http://www.pams.com.au/

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