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Re: Problem with ppp-2.3.3-5 and authentication

> > I've only just joined this list, so I don't know if this has been 
> > discussed before.  I'm using ppp-2.3.3-5 and mgetty-1.1.14-1 to run a 
> > one-modem dialup.  Everything works just fine until pppd goes to verify 
> > the username/password, which always fails with "PAP authentication 
> > failure for <username>".  I've verified the username/password and they're 
> > valid.  Can someone give me some pointers on where to look next or what 
> > the problem might be?
>     From the error message you are receiving, it appears that your
> ISP is using PAP authentication.

I used Kppp (from KDE) for installing my modem-connection. I did it the
first time but kde (in form of kppp) nearly did everything alone. It
even changes ip-settings when I use the modem instead of the ethernet,

And with kppp it is even easier to install than with the dumb

You can get the KDE-Beta4-deb-files at ftp://ftp.kde.org somewhere in

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