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RE: whoop

Look at http://sunsite.unc.edu/mdw/HOWTO/3Dfx-HOWTO.html
I just glanced at it so I'm not sure that your card will work.  If it doesn't
look at Accelerated X at http://www.xig.com and Metro X at

On 02-May-98 Plutonically Incorrect wrote:
> I finnaly managed to install debian, first try too!
> I'm having a  bit of a problem with X... It doesnt have the drivers for my
> video card.
> it's an Intense 3d Voodoo Rush Video card (3dfx, 3d/2d)
> Does anyone have an idea on where to obtain drivers for this? 

E-Mail: Mark Ciciretti <mciciretti@mail.dzn.com>
Date: 05-May-98
Time: 20:20:45


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