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Installing Debian 0.93 R/6


I bought the linux debian distribution on cd,(workgroup solutions inc) but i have problems installing it.

 - i can't get the base system installed (cd or disks)

 - i can't use loadlin

If anyone has some tips, please...


 - My System:

Abit pr5 motherboard 256kb plb cache (Intel VX)

Intel 200MMX (actually 166, but remarked)

80 MB EDO non parity 2x8 and 2x32

regular 1.44 31/4" Fdd

Western Digital Caviar 2210 2.1 GB EIDE 1st master

Mitsumi FX120 12-speed CD-ROM IDE 2nd master

Diamond Stealth 3D 2000 (S3 Virge ) 2MB EDO PCI

TRUST 10mbit (cheap NE2000 compatible PCI ethernet card)

Soundblaster AWE32 ISA

external modem


 - What I did:

The ulitmate goal is to have both W95 and linux on the same disk, and

start linux using loadlin from a "config.sys / Autoexec.bat " menu.

i have the following partitions :

C:_ HDA1 _ PRIMARY _ DOS _ 1024MB (a)

D:_ HDA5 _ LOGICAL _ DOS _ 504MB

---_ HDA6 _ LOGICAL _ LINUX _ 468MB (ROOT)


---_ HDA8 _ LOGICAL _ MINIX _ +/- 4 MB (for installation only)

Both hda1 and hda5 are fat16 partitions, on which win95 apps are situated


I want to boot linux using loadlin, but always when I use


loadlin kernel root=/dev/hda6 initrd=root.bin


or actually with any kernel or bootparam, linux says


" kernel panic : VFS: can't mount root " (or something)


this is a dead end (for me. at this time)


how did i get the linux partitions?

Ofcourse installing with the boot-,root- and base disks is an option,

altough it wasn't the goal.

Installing by this worked pretty well actually

Creating the partitions as above,

Preparing Swap- and linux partitions, all ok

But then installing the base...

The installation program has the ability to install from CD.

my CD is /dev/hdc, but when linux searches this one for a

cd, it says that there is a cd present, but it's the WRONG one

installing other modules is of no use while mitsumi is none of them.

Installing from disks doesn't work as well

with rawrite2.exe, I copied the images of three files called

1440_bas, 1440_bas.000 and 1440_bas.001 to disks

(which should work)


but, after identifying the disk, linux said: "DISK ERROR"

then I used other disks, formatted them, copied the images etc..

every time a disk error on the first disk. (repeated this joke for +5 times with different disks)

so.. I'm stuck


 - My Questions :

Do I have the wrong CD?

(Workgroup solutions Inc. Debian 0.93 R6)

How can I install the mitsumi.o module, where actually, and

will this work? (my cdrom has already been recognised as /DEV/HDC)

Am i doing something wrong with the base disks, or , maybe,

are the images of these disks copied on CD incorrectly ?

What am I doing wrong with Loadlin?



You may have noticed my thoughts about having the wrong cd;

some clues:

- There should be a file on the CD called PARAMS.DOC

(bootparams for loadlin.exe) but it isn't there.

- The msdos Tools are incomplete; there are no utilities to Un-Tar files,

(for example modules.tar) I can only read this file with WinZip

but i can't add extra (mitsumi) modules from the driver disk

which i had to download


I do hope somebody can help me out!

Thanx for reading anyway


Dirk Maat



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