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Re: Internet from Windows/NT thru Linux

On Tue, May 05, 1998 at 09:44:56AM -0400, Bill Leach wrote:
> The file '/etc/init.d/netbase' has the commands for setting up you
> IP-Masquerading.  The defaults that I have seen are always to deny.

No, they don't. There are some firewall setup commands only:

	# deny incoming packets pretending to be from
        ipfwadm -I -d deny -o -P all -S -W eth0 -D 0/0 2>/dev/null || true
        ipfwadm -I -d deny -o -P all -S -W eth1 -D 0/0 2>/dev/null || true
        ipfwadm -I -i deny -o -P all -S -W eth0 -D 0/0 >/dev/null
        ipfwadm -I -i deny -o -P all -S -W eth1 -D 0/0 >/dev/null

There are only these commands, and a few others, to prevent IP spoofing.
This seems to be a common misconception.

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