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Re: deleted files

On Tue, May 05, 1998 at 02:22:27PM +0000, Ferenc Kiraly wrote:
> A friend of mine was a bit too brave using `rm -r` and lost
> about 50M of important files. When he noticed what he had done
> he turned the computer off and now we have that computer's
> disk in a different computer. I was hoping I could use lde to
> restore at least some of the lost files.

I have not used lde, but I have restored some lost files in my time.  Info
for doing this can be found in the Ext2fs Undeletion mini-HOWTO which can be
found at http://linux-howto.com/LDP/HOWTO/mini/Ext2fs-Undeletion.html among
other places.

It's slow and painful, but seemed to be partition size independant.  The
hard part comes when you have to undelete big files.

> Lde works fine with the smaller partitions, but it breaks
> on the 2.4G partition that hopefully still holds some of the
> deleted files.
> So, here are my questions: does anyone have any experience 
> recovering lost files on Debian on largeish partitions, do
> I have any other options, other tools to try, etc.

Good luck!  And note this is why we should not use root lest we REALLY need
to, and then be VERY careful what we type..!

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