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    I have problems with running java applets. Netscape 3.1 doesn't 
seem to execute Thread.sleep(). Appletviewer (from JDK) doesnt't seem 
to do it either. This occures only on my computer: Debian 
1.3.1+Netscape 3.1. With Netscape 4.04 java works even worse: it 
doesn't work at all. Netscape displays message "Starting java..." and 
stalls. I have tested my applets on other computer 
(Sun???+Netscape4.04), they seem to be OK. Did anybody encounter such 
problems? How to solve them?

     Adam Galant

                                                    =,  / |\
                                                    /| /  | \
  agalant@okwf.fuw.edu.pl                          ,-+----+---/

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