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Is Xforms 0.88 for bo available?

I've stated that strange behavior of lyx 0.12.0, (which crashes the X
server (with segfault) after selecting insert->figure, and accepting any
format) is probably (?) associated with wrong version of xforms library.
Is it possible to find xforms 0.88 as debian package for bo (AFAIK there
are no sources available :-( )?

BTW. It seems very strange to me that user program, such as lyx (in fact 
sometimes my Netscape 4.04 does the same, after trying to download some
perticular pages) is able to crash the Xserver. It is very "inconvenient"
:-) when during long simulation in Scilab and doing something in lyx, 
 X crashes, and I need to start simulation from the beginning. It's very
"Windoze like" :-(. 

				Wojtek Zabolotny

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