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Re: Is Xforms 0.88 for bo available?

Wojciech Zabolotny wrote:

> BTW. It seems very strange to me that user program, such as lyx (in fact 
> sometimes my Netscape 4.04 does the same, after trying to download some
> perticular pages) is able to crash the Xserver. It is very "inconvenient"
> :-) when during long simulation in Scilab and doing something in lyx, 
>  X crashes, and I need to start simulation from the beginning. It's very
> "Windoze like" :-(. 
> 				Wojtek Zabolotny
> 				wzab@ipe.pw.edu.pl

Are you using kde? The beta2 window manager of kde crashs when
applications need libforms. Since the window manager is actually
the application which keeps X alive, X terminates if the wm crashs.

Therefore, you should either update kde or use another wm.



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