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Re: Ensoniq AudioPCI card

On Mon, May 04, 1998 at 06:28:03PM -0500,   wrote:
> Has anyone got audio/speaker to work
> with the Ensoniq AudioPCI card?

yes I have :)
> The Sound-HOWTO indicates that the
> Ensoniq SoundScape card is supported,
> but I don't think AudioPCI card is the
> same.

I have good news and I have bad news.
The good news i sthat you CAN use a AudioPCI with Linux...you 
are just looking in the wrong place...the sound HOWTO does not cover
this :)
The bad news is that it is comercial :(
check out www.4front-tech.com 
The AudioPCI is available with the OSS/Linux drivers...
there is also an OSS/Free set of drivers but AudioPCI
is alas, unsuported by those :(
It looks (maybe im just guessing) like Ensoniq is being a PITA and
not releacing info without NDAs and $$ so...don't expect to see a "Free"
driver soon 
(Like I said..im just uesing but..thats a good bet as to why)

> Also, this is a PnP card, I think.
> For Linux 2.0.29, do you need to
> use isapnptool to make this work right?

man I hate vi (hafta type this over again cuz I deleted lines)
anyay...no...you just need to get OSS/Linux
if its any consolation it works great...havn't had many problems

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