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Re: What's the storywith 2.0?

On Mon, 4 May 1998 AJT60@student.canterbury.ac.nz wrote:

> [snip] 
> > a lot of users (note, users not only developers) have done this already
> > and are very happy with the results.
> I am one of them, except for the fact GV doesn't work :[ I have had no
> problems. The upgrade was easy, everything worked as it always did. And
> I'm not a developer nor super-linux-savy. It's been less than a year since
> I got my debian 1.3.1 CD. 

gv works for me....not that i use it often. i rarely need to view
postscript of pdf files but when i do, gv is my preferred tool.

> [snip] 
> > the long time to debian 2.0 is actually a deviation from previous
> > history - *caused* by the fact that we are switching to libc6. in
> > the past, anyone could safely install a few 'unstable' packages on a
> > 'stable' system. 
> Just an ignorant question, how often do new libcs come out? What's the
> story with glibc (how is it different from libc6)? 

not very often. 

hopefullly it will be a LONG LONG time before we have to go through this

libc6 *is* glibc. 

two names for the same thing. way back in the dim dark ages of linux
history, the linux libc forked off from gnu libc (due to delays in
getting necessary linux-specific patches incorporated in the libc). with
the release of glibc 2 (which is known in the linux world as libc6),
there is a move to a unified libc again. this is a Good Thing.

> Also, do the hamm install disks work yet, or is it better when
> installing from scratch to do a bo install and upgrade using the most
> excellent autoupgrade script?

no idea at the moment. i haven't had to build a machine for several
weeks now and haven't yet tried the hamm disks. i've used my debian 1.3
cd to install the base system, quit out of dselect *before* installing
anything, get the box on the network, ftp autoup, run autoup, and then
run dselect to install hamm. works for me.  YMMV.


craig sanders

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