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Telnet Timeouts

Hello everyone,

	I know I have seen this question posted before, but for the life of me I
cannot find it in the List Archives. I have looked for Time, Timeout,
Telnet, and have not found it. 

	Anyway, how do I set the interactive time out for Telnet Sessions? I do
alot of accessing from work to my home machine and if I am compiling or
getting News, it may take longer than what the session is set to time out
(Default) and I get logged off the session. And have to start all over.

	I have looked just about everywhere in the man pages, info files, etc.
under Telnet, timeout, settings, and can not find it. I am pretty new and
really don't know for sure where to look exactly. There is just so many

	Also what is the command to look at just the boot up log. I know someone
posted it a while back and I used it once or twice. But if you don't use it
all the time, at least I do, I forget the commands.

	Here's a good one, does anyone have all the commands available on a web
page or print out? I guess it would a pretty big file....:)

	Anyway thanks for any help. And like my sig says, please bear with me.


Mike Acklin
l128620@lmtas.lmco.com (Work)
htuttle@dallas.net (Home)
Debian Newbie (Please bear with me!)

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