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Re: hamm and pon,pppd,chat

     Does your chatscript contain "noauth" ?  The hamm pppd package
has "auth" enabled in the default /etc/ppp/options file, and for most
ISPs it must be disabled either in the options file or in the
chatscript.  Does your ISP use PAP?  If so look at
/usr/doc/ppp/README.debian.gz for guidance.

     The easiest way to get ppp working is to get the package
pppconfig.  It is in the hamm/hamm/binary-all/admin/ directory on the
mirrors, as pppconfig_*.deb.  Of course, it won't be easy to download
it if you can't get connected to the net. :-(


> From: "Kechie" <keyoz@iln.cyberspace.com.ph>
> Date: Mon, 4 May 1998 01:57:17 +0800
> Arrrrghhhh!!! I'm stuck with Winbloat95!!!!!!
> I've recently upgraded to hamm and so far I have no problems until.....
> I've installed the pppd patch. and it converted my old chatsript.
> Now my problem is, my ISP disconnects me when I logon.  What's my fault
> guys???
> I've tried to edit /etc/chatscripts/provider and it's my old ppp.chatscript
> so I left it that way.
> Do I need additional libraries??? like libpam? or something??? I think I
> have not installed libpam version of ppp.  Anyway if it's needed I'll
> somehow try to figure out howto get it to my linux partition.  I haven't
> downloaded that package though.
> I can live with manual connections, without the chatscripts, but show me
> how guys.  I don't know how to do manual connection.
> Thanks!
> Richard L. Alhama

  |_)  _  |_       Robert D. Hilliard    <hilliard@flinet.com>
  |_) (_) |_)      Palm City, FL  USA    PGP Key ID: A8E40EB9

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