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hamm and pon,pppd,chat

Arrrrghhhh!!! I'm stuck with Winbloat95!!!!!!

I've recently upgraded to hamm and so far I have no problems until.....

I've installed the pppd patch. and it converted my old chatsript.

Now my problem is, my ISP disconnects me when I logon.  What's my fault

I've tried to edit /etc/chatscripts/provider and it's my old ppp.chatscript
so I left it that way.

Do I need additional libraries??? like libpam? or something??? I think I
have not installed libpam version of ppp.  Anyway if it's needed I'll
somehow try to figure out howto get it to my linux partition.  I haven't
downloaded that package though.

I can live with manual connections, without the chatscripts, but show me
how guys.  I don't know how to do manual connection.


Richard L. Alhama

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