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Re: SCSI..woes..The FIX!

Stephen Carpenter <sjc@delphi.com> writes:

> now...anyone else been using tape drives for backups?  any good
> backup systems/scripts to share? :) im open to suggestions (I only
> have 2 tapes but...they are 4 gig (uncompressed) each...and my hard
> drive is only 3.2 gig so....  any suggestions? :)

I use the afbackup package (current version 2.11.5-3 for hamm (*)) and the
corresponding client for regular backup.  I tried amanda but had
problems storing the dos partition.

afbackup support easy invocation of incremental and full backup, it
uses the backup set (I use 10 tapes) as a virtual gigantic tape and
will write the backup to the end of the current tape and request a new

  Description: Client-Server Backup System (Server side)
   This is a client-server backup system offering several workstations a
   centralized backup to a special backup server. Backing up only one
   computer is easily possible, too. Any streaming device can be used
   for writing the data to it, usually this will be a tape
   device. Writing backups is normally done sequentially: The next
   writing to tape goes to the end of the previous write no matter where
   you have restored from in the meantime.
    - Authentication of the client is performed before it can take over control
    - Access restriction for the streamer device -> security
    - Client-side per-file compression -> reliability
    - Data stream is written to tape in pieces -> fast finding of files
    - Tape position logging for each file
    - Tape capacity is fully used
    - Full / incremental backups
    - Raw partitions can be backuped
    - Client and Server buffering for maximal throughput is done
   Note: Tk is required if you want to use the graphical configuration
   tool instead of the text configuration tool.

If I rebuild the whole machine (e.g., replacement of a hard disc and
repartioning everything) I use tar to make a complete backup.
Fortunatly, the last backup was just 2.6 GB and fitted on my 90m DDS2
tape (with hardware compression).

(*) I suggest not to use a version prior this, as a lot of things have
changed (location of backup infos, file names, manpages).  On a BO
system fetch the debian source and compile it by yourself.


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